Upcoming Club Speaking Competitions

In a few weeks the members of Trinity Toastmasters will be participating in two separate speaking competitions. Competitions are a break from our normal meeting format and members are encouraged to challenge themselves, and each other, to speak at a higher level. The winners from the club competitions will go on to compete at the Area level competitions.

The first competition being held on Thursday, September 15 is the Table Topics Contest. In this contest, members are challenged to speak without any preparation on a topic known only to the Contest Chair. The resulting speeches are creative, profound, and usually very entertaining!

The second competition is our Humorous Speech Competition and it is being held the following week on Thursday, September 22. This is a more traditional speaking contest where members will present fun and amusing speeches for the merriment of the members and the judges. If you are looking for a good laugh this is the meeting you will want to attend.

If you are thinking about Toastmasters and would like to see and hear some of our most talented speakers attempt to best one another then these competitions should not be missed! Please send an email to rsvp@trinitytoastmasters.com if you have any questions or wish to attend the meeting.