2020 – 2021 Club Elections & Results

Trinity Toastmasters held its club elections on May 28, 2020, to elect the executive team for the next calendar year. Our new incoming officers for the 2020-2021 year are:


Bikram Johal – President

Veronika Bak – VP, Education

Gino Aldeguer – VP, Membership

Ahmed Abubakar – VP, Public Relations

Karen Mitches – Treasurer

Hardik Kholwadwala– Secretary

Jack Wang – Sergeant at Arms


Congratulations to our new executive!  May we all have a successful year ahead!

Trinity Toastmaster Meeting #846

The theme of our meeting today was Wants vs. Needs, and the Word of the Day was ‘Content’. Dorothy gave a speech on the first time she went skiing. Aleks gave a speech on his first Muay Thai Boxing Match. We had four guests and most of them participated in our Table Topics session.

– Bikram

2017-2018 Club Elections & Results

Every year Trinity Toastmasters comes together to elect our executive for the next calendar year.  On Thursday, May 18, 2017 we gathered at our regular meeting spot and, fuelled by slices of pizza and cans of pop, members stood up to volunteer, deliver speeches to promote their candidacy, and ultimately cast their ballots.  When the dust settled we had chosen the next group of members to lead us forward.  They are:


Thomas Tang – President

Jake Kadwell – VP, Education

Nazila Rajaei – VP, Public Relations

Kyle Guthro – VP, Membership

Bogdan Raspopin – Treasurer

Nathan Cox – Secretary

William Ezeani – Sergeant at Arms


Congratulations to our new executive!  May we all have a successful year ahead!

2016-2017 Club Officers

We held our club elections on May 18 and our members voted for a new executive team who will begin July 1st 2017. Our new incoming officers elect for the 2017-18 year are:

Thomas Tang, President
Jake Kadwell, VP Education
Kyle Guthro, VP Membership
Nazila Rajaei, VP Public Relations
Nathan Cox, Secretary
Bodgan Raspopin, Treasurer
William Ezeani, Sergeant-At-Arms

Welcome club officers elect and congratulations

2017 Area 82 Evaluation and International Speech Contest

Great news this morning!

Trinity Toastmasters members placed First and Second for both Area 82 contests!

Thomas Tang placed Second in the Area 82 Evaluation Contest. Errol Stewart placed First in the Area 82 International Speech Contest. Kyle Gurtho Placed First in the Evaluation Contest and Placed Second in the International Speech Contest.

Thomas Tang Kyle Guthro Judy Singh Errol Stewart
Thomas, Kyle, Judy and Errol after the Area 82 Evaluation and International Speech Contest

Both First and Second Place from the Area 82 contest will advance to Division I Contest.

Congratulations to our winners!