2017 Club Evaluation Contest

Congratulations to our Participants:  Kyle Guthro, Midhula Sundaram, Nazila Rajei, and Thomas Tang.

TM Evaluation Contest

Trinity Toastmasters: Kyle, Midhula, Nazila, Thomas


Special Congratulations to our 2017 Trinity Toastmasters Evaluation Contest First Place:  Kyle Guthro

TM Evaluation Contest
Guest Speaker Rodney and Evaluation Contest Champion Kyle

2016 Division I – Humorous and Table Topics Speech Contest

For those of you who were not able to make it to the Division I speech contest last night and cheer on your colleagues let me be your herald and share the good news.

Thomas Tang totally trumped the competition by raising the specter of The Big Chair Industry.  He placed first in the humorous speech contest!   This means he will be proceeding to the final competition at the fall District 60 Conference!  Errol, during the Table Topics Competition, told us about the three things NOT to do when attempting to make new “Best Friends”.  He slid into a second place finish!

Here are the 1st and 2nd place winners with their trophies.

Errol Stewart and Thomas Tang District 60 Division I


Division I Speech Contest

Our winners Thomas Tang, Humorous Speech Contest and Errol  Stewart, Table Topics have progressed to the Division I contest taking place on Monday, Oct 17. They will compete against winners in 4 areas in division I. Thomas and Errol have worked hard to win at competitions at the club and area level (20+ clubs) and now face-off winners at the Division I level.

2016 Area 82 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest

Last night was the Area 82 Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest – and we have a winner!

Errol Stewart knocked it out of the park in the Table Topics contest with his hilarious short speech that involved breakfast cereal, Kim Kardashian, $10 million worth of pizzas and a wall built by Donald Trump to protect them.  Yes, you are right, the topic was “October”.  Errol will now progress to the Division level contest.

Table Topics 1st Place Errol Stewart

Coming in second place in the Humorous Speech contest, Thomas Tang delivered his speech on Musculoskeletal issues and the ongoing plot of the “Big Chair Industry”.

Area 82 Humorous Second Place Thomas Tang
Area 82 Humorous Second Place Thomas Tang

Please be sure to reach out to Errol and Thomas and congratulate them on their accomplishments!  We will let you know when the Divisional contest is being held so you can come out and cheer Errol onto victory!

Thanks again to all the members who came out last night to volunteer or to watch the show.  Having friendly, familiar faces in the audience always helps our speakers.

Upcoming Club Speaking Competitions

In a few weeks the members of Trinity Toastmasters will be participating in two separate speaking competitions. Competitions are a break from our normal meeting format and members are encouraged to challenge themselves, and each other, to speak at a higher level. The winners from the club competitions will go on to compete at the Area level competitions.

The first competition being held on Thursday, September 15 is the Table Topics Contest. In this contest, members are challenged to speak without any preparation on a topic known only to the Contest Chair. The resulting speeches are creative, profound, and usually very entertaining!

The second competition is our Humorous Speech Competition and it is being held the following week on Thursday, September 22. This is a more traditional speaking contest where members will present fun and amusing speeches for the merriment of the members and the judges. If you are looking for a good laugh this is the meeting you will want to attend.

If you are thinking about Toastmasters and would like to see and hear some of our most talented speakers attempt to best one another then these competitions should not be missed! Please send an email to rsvp@trinitytoastmasters.com if you have any questions or wish to attend the meeting.

Ted Lyberogiannis Places Third at International Speech Contest

Great news!!! Ted placed 3rd out of 10 in the semi-finals at the International speech contest in Washington this week. This is quite an accomplishment as Ted competed against contestant finalists from other countries worldwide. The best of the best.


Ted Lyberogiannis stands onstage alongside other award winners at the 2016 International Speech Competition in Washington, DC. A long-time member of Trinity Toastmasters, Ted placed third in the competition.


Ted Lyberogiannis poses with the trophy he won at the 2016 International Speech Competition in Washington, DC. A long-time member of Trinity Toastmasters, Ted placed third in the competition.
Ted Lyberogiannis poses with the trophy he won at the 2016 International Speech Competition in Washington, DC. A long-time member of Trinity Toastmasters, Ted placed third in the competition.

2016 Trinity Toastmasters Officer Election Results

Hello members and guests!

A new toastmaster’s year is upon us as of Friday, July 1st and we have new executive team! This team was selected by our members at our election held on May 26, 2016.

Please join me in welcoming

Judy Singh – President

Mathew Devine – VP Education (returning 2nd year)

Mark Bresee – VP Membership

Bikram Johal – VP Public Relations

Nazila Rajaei – Treasurer

JJ Earle – Secretary

Midhula Sundaram – Sergeant at Arms

Nathan Cox – Past President (welcome back)

For the previous 2015/16 year, I would like to thank the outgoing executive for their hard work and contribution to the club. Highlights under their leadership include the club achieving President’s Distinguished status for the 9th straight year, well run contests and a fantastic open house, a new website and the addition of many new members.  To top things off Ted Lyberogiannis, a Trinity Club member, won the District 60 International Speech Contest and will be competing against other winners in the International Speech Competition in Washington, D.C in August. A fantastic year!

As the previous VP Membership, I am thrilled to be elected President. Our new executive is very excited and we will do our very best to serve Trinity and it members in the 2016/17 year.


Judy Singh


Trinity Toastmasters


2016 District 60 Spring Conference and International Speech Contest

Competing against eight other extremely accomplished speakers, our very own Ted Lyberogiannis had won the District 60 International Speech Contest on April 16th, 2016 at the District 60 Spring Conference. His speech titled “The Arms of Society” proved to be a crowd favorite.This is a tremendous accomplishment. Congratulations Ted!

What does this win mean for Ted? Nothing short of competing against the best in the world at the International conference being held in Washington DC this August!

Matthew Devine will debrief the club members of the spring conference at 12 – 1pm on Friday, April 22nd, 2016 in the 6th floor boardroom. Please come to learn more about the conference and the contest!

Ted Lyberogiannis smiles with the trophy.

2016 District 60 International Speech Contest

Ted and the former world champion, Ed Tate.

2016 District 60 International Speech Contest Ted and Ed Tate

View of the main conference room. There were hundreds of people in attendance from dozens of clubs across the GTA.

2016 District 60 Spring Conference

2016 District 60 International Speech Contest Ted and Ed Tate

2016 Division I International speech contest

Our very own Ted Lyberogiannis placed 1st out of 7 contestants at the Division I International Speech Contest on March 21st, 2016! He will be competing at the District 60 competition on April 16th, 2016.

2016 Division International speech contest

Details about the spring conference and the District speech contest can be found at the following link: