New Members

What to expect after you join . . .

The meeting after you submit your completed application and member fees, you will be officially inducted into the club as a member. As required by our Constitution, you will be voted in by the members and participate in an induction ceremony. After the meeting you will sit down with the Vice President of Education for a thorough orientation to review your new member materials and schedule your first speech: the Ice Breaker. You will learn how the Toastmasters Club works and have a chance to discuss your specific needs and goals, as well as talk about working with a mentor. Below are some suggestions for getting off to a strong start in your Toastmasters career and developing some great habits that will lead you to success faster.

Making the most of your Toastmasters experience . . .

  1. Set clearly defined goals for yourself and communicate them to your mentor and VP Education so they can help you achieve them more effectively.

  2. Set aside a specific, consistent “Toastmasters Time” of 1 hour every week to prepare for your next speech and meeting roles. If you are serious about success, this is key.

  3. Check “Club Meetings Roles”¬†for suggestions on how to fulfill your roles properly, and to learn more about how your club functions. Ask questions of your mentor or other members. Read your Toastmaster magazine for excellent articles and stories that will help you. Work with your VP of Education if you need help with Pathways. They can be difficult to navigate at first but you will understand how they work once your try.

  4. Always be working on your next speech. Give yourself the time to be successful and give your best. Talk to your mentor or another experienced member for advice and assistance in preparing. Dress appropriately when delivering manual speeches – as if to a real paying audience. You will get out of this what you put into it.

  5. Set a goal to complete your Pathway within one year. Strive to complete at least one project per month.

  6. Take notes at every meeting: feedback you receive; feedback others receive; comments from the General Evaluator on how to do roles properly; etc.

  7. Strive to fulfill “the Toastmasters Promise”. It will insure you are a successful member.

  8. Have Fun! You are doing a really wonderful, affirmative, life changing activity for yourself, and contributing to the growth of your fellow members. The time you put into your personal development is the best investment you will ever make. Remember, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing Toastmasters right. Enjoy the process!