Club Meeting

Meeting Roles and Responsibilities

Toastmaster – the duty of the Toastmaster is to act as a genial host and conduct the entire program, including introducing participants. Program participants should be introduced in a way that excites the audience and motivates them to listen. The Toastmaster creates an atmosphere of interest and receptivity.

Table Topics Master – the Toastmasters program has a tradition – every member speaks at a meeting. The Table Topics session is that portion of the meeting which insures this tradition. The purpose of this period is to have members “think on their feet” and speak for a minute or two.

General Evaluator – the General Evaluator or GE, is just what the name implies – an evaluator of everything that takes place throughout the meeting. The GE is responsible for the evaluation team which consists of the Timer, Grammarian and Ah-counter. Each major speaker has a speech Evaluator assigned to them.

Grammarian – this is truly an exercise in expanding your listening skills. They have two basic responsibilities: first to introduce new words to members; and second, to comment on the use of English during the meeting.

Speakers – a major portion of each meeting is centred around three or more speakers. Their speeches are based on manual project objectives from the Competent Communication or Advanced Communication Program Manuals. Preparation is essential to success when you are the speaker.

Evaluator – every prepared speech receives an evaluation. In addition to an oral evaluation and a written one. The purpose of the evaluation is to help the speaker become less self-conscious and a better speaker by receiving positive, constructive feedback.

Timer – responsible for timing Table Topics participants, the Speakers and the Evaluators and to make the Toastmaster aware if the meeting is running well behind schedule.